Nestled amidst stunning mountain scenery, Andermatt offers a unique combination of natural beauty, a rich history, stunning Alpine homes, world-class amenities, and unparalleled hospitality.

Welcome to Andermatt The Height of Alpine Living

Set within the breath-taking natural beauty of the Swiss Alps, Andermatt offers the ultimate luxury living experience. The destination boasts world-class amenities, from luxurious properties and Michelin-starred restaurants to award-winning hospitality and exhilarating year-round outdoor adventure.

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“You remember the first time you arrived in Andermatt, you come up through the narrow Schöllenen Gorge and then the landscape unfolds in front of your eyes, like a pop-up book.”


The Ursern valley has long been a crossroads for travellers, but it wasn’t until the mid-19th century that it truly blossomed into the Alpine gem it is today. During this golden era, the region became a hot spot for sophisticated jet-setters seeking to bask in the beauty of the mountains.

By the mid-20th century Andermatt had solidified its position as a must-visit destination for Europe’s skiing elite, thanks to its long seasons, abundant powder and endless off-piste opportunities. This once-traditional Swiss village had transformed into a beacon of glamour and adventure, drawing in snow-sport enthusiasts from around the world.

Today, Andermatt is taking its rightful place at the top table of Europe’s leading Alpine destinations.

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A unique opportunity

Discover a remarkable opportunity to own a home in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Unrestricted by Swiss laws limiting construction of second homes and foreign ownership, Andermatt Swiss Alps offers a range of high-quality properties for both Swiss and international buyers. Located in the canton of Uri, Andermatt also boasts favourable tax rates and inheritance laws, along with a lump-sum taxation scheme for foreign nationals seeking Swiss residency.

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Switzerland’s Crossroads Remote but connected

Located in the very heart of Switzerland, Andermatt stands tall as one of the most well-connected destinations in the Alps. Conveniently accessible, whether by car or train, the journey to Andermatt is an easy and comfortable one, accompanied by panoramic views of Switzerland’s majestic landscape.



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